Professional design and layout for the publishing and self-publishing community

Established in 1995, Blot Publishing is owned and run by Leigh Forbes.

“Self-publishing authors are often at a loss when it comes to providing the formats necessary for Kindle, CreateSpace, and similar platforms,” Leigh explains. “Mastering professional layout-software or learning how to programme, can be expensive and time consuming, and generic conversions produced by word-processing software often result in bloated and inefficient files, producing results far removed from an author’s vision for their book. But writers want to spend their time writing, not fixing problems with layout and coding!”

With over twenty years’ experience of page design and programming, and a client base that has ranged from individuals to multinational companies, Leigh is perfectly placed to help you realise your dreams by turning your hard-gotten manuscripts into a publishable format, for print, for e-reader, or both. “I’ve always loved my job,” she says. “Nothing beats seeing a book come into existence.”

Leigh lives in Sussex. In her spare time, she reads voraciously, takes her kids on long road-trips, and (occasionally) goes running.

picture of Leigh Forbes