Professional design and layout for the publishing and self-publishing community

Many folk rely on MS Word to 'automatically' format their books, or for a website to autoformat straight from a Word document. For some, this is fine, but many find themselves uncomfortably restricted: word-processing software is great for word-processing, but when it comes to page-design, it lacks the flexibility of professional layout software. The result often includes glitches and unwanted features that you'd love to be rid of... if only you knew how.

Don't let auto-formatting take the shine off your work. Writing a book is hard work, and it deserves the best possible presentation.

Blot's checking service includes a full report, with tips on commercial design, details of any missing elements, and recommendations for polishing your existing layout. (Please note, this is not a proof-reading service.)

Get in touch to let me know what you need!

Image of a Chapter One first page, set for printing