Professional design and layout for the publishing and self-publishing community

If you are fed up with generic ebook-conversions leaving your work looking like everyone else's, but you're too confused by programming jargon to risk a different approach... I can help!

You're not alone: few authors and indie publishers have the time (or inclination) to learn the necessary minutiae of ebook-programming, but many are unhappy with word-processor and website conversions, and the lack of flexibility needed to make your work your own. Especially if the result leaves your book screaming of amateur production.

Take all the worry out of epublishing – have your ebook professionally programmed!

Get in touch to let me know what you need!

image of cascading syle sheet coding

Text Example
The Lost Thumb
by Orla Owen

example of a text-only layout

2019, Lavender Publishing
ebook, 192pp, ISBN 9781916036611

Illustrated Example
Making Friends with Your Fertiliy
by Sarah Rayner

example of an illustrated layout

2017, Creative Pumpkin Publishing
ebook, 194pp, ISBN 9780995794856