Professional design and layout for the publishing and self-publishing community

Designing for print involves building a book's style and message into its layout. It means finding the right font, the right font-size, the best leading and kerning, margins and gutters, white space and tracking. It must convey the feel you want without the reader even noticing what you're doing. It seems counter-intuitive, but a layout design should be invisible; if the font-style stands out, for example, then it's taking your readers' attention away from the true focus of the book: the writing.

So whether your manuscript contains just text, or includes illustrations, block quotations, tables, footnotes, etc. – however complicated individual elements might be – the final layout will be aesthetically balanced and beautiful.

Final files are produced in high-resolution PDF, either for print-on demand or traditional press. Your print-company's specifications and colour profiles can be incorporated if necessary.

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Image of a Chapter One first page, set for printing

Text Example
Fallible Justice
by Laura Laakso

example of a text-only layout

2018, Louise Walters Books
paperback, 384pp, ISBN 9781999780937

Illustrated Example
Conversations with my Children
by Leigh Forbes

example of an illustrated layout

2019, Blot Publishing
paperback, 100pp, ISBN 9781900929110

Monograph Example
Shakespeare for Everyman
by Don-John Dugas

example of a monograph layout

2016, Society for Theatre Research
hardback, 404pp, ISBN 9780854300815