Professional design and layout for the self-publishing community

As if writing a book isn't hard work enough, being expected to promote it too can seem quite daunting to many authors. You might have already started with social media, but having your own website is the next logical step.

Some folk are lured by offers of cheap domains – but there are many pitfalls to watch for. (For example, your domain name should always be yours; an age-old trick is for the hosting company to register it in their own name, meaning you can't take your website to another – perhaps cheaper – host without losing the domain and all your existing visitors.)

With Blot, you have as much or as little control over your website as you want: from domain purchase and renewal, hosting, email, content management (e.g. Wordpress) or a completely bespoke site; plus maintenance options (you can do all your updates yourself, or have them done for you). It's your choice, and you can change it at any time.

Get in touch to let me know what you need!

Image of a Chapter One first page, set for printing